Organic Synthesis at Large Scale – 25 April 2013

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Location: Medicon Village, Lund


Synthesizing new substances is a common task for organic chemists. For drug chemists in particular, but also for chemists active in creating paints, parfumes, pesticides, polymers as well as for academic researchers. The experiments are challenging and time consuming. A succesful synthesis is commonly preceded by a number of failures and the product often consists of a small amount of the right substance with acceptable purity.

When up-scaling your reaction, yet another dimension appears – making large quantities (kilos or tons) of the substance. The kinetics can be changed, heating and cooling is impeded and toxicity and fire hazards increases. Waste is a constant issue, so is the economy. Much research performed in the industrial sector is never released to the public, despite the existance of both magazines and conferences dedicated to organic synthesis at large scale.

The purpose of this TOC symposium is to discuss certain aspects of organic chemistry at large scale. The invited speakers will talk about bioenzymatic synthesis, catalysis and some case studies. It is the wish of the organizers that the ideas and thoughts of large scale contexts will be interesting and inspiring also for the ”normal” every day organic chemists.

Invited Speakers
William Heggie, Hovione, Portugal
New Processes for the Production of Corticosteroids

Johannes de Vries, DSM, Netherlands
Catalysis as a powerful tool towards sustainable production processes for bulk and fine chemicals

Trevor Laird, Scientific Update, UK
Avoiding Reworks and Disasters in Organic Process Research and Development

Jonathan Graham, GlaxoSmithKline, UK
From Concept to Scalable Process: New Route to a Spirocyclic Imidazolone Drug Candidate

Andrew Wells, Charnwood Technical Consulting,UK
Trends in the Adaption of Green Chemistry- Chemical Manufacturing Methods for 21st Century Pharmaceutical Industries

Philippe Vayron,Sanofi, France
Amibegron : An Example of Process Development for a Chiral API

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